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SPA-complex contains Finnish and Russian saunas, professional SPA- pool, rest zone, circulation shower with tropical rain. All these are made in original design with changing lighting to make your rest unforgettable.

There is a dry air in Finnish sauna, which lets people to stay in it with a temperature 90-100˚С. It improves metabolic function, usefully influences on nervous system, improves mind capabilities, immunity and puts you in high spirits.

Russian sauna – is the most popular because of the less temperature (60˚С) and wet air (70 g/m2). Also there is a tradition to lash the body with a birch, oak, eucalyptus and even nettle bunch. This procedure increases blood circulation, promotes intensive perspiration and excretion of residue from the body.

SPA-pool – is a refined pleasure for every lover of cleanness and clean body. The advantages of our SPA-pool are aromatherapy, relaxing, perfect well-being and excretion of residue.

Circulation shower with tropical rain – is a perfect way for the treatment of cellulite and fat sediments (because it increases exchanging processes and promotes fat burning), removal of pain feelings in a spinal column. It gives stimulating action on the encephalon and neuraxis, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improves general tonus, increases immunity, promotes body conditioning to the cold.